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LNB is an Acronym of Low, Noise & Block.

below average in amount.
an unwanted signal.
section of things dealt with as a unit.





The LNB's full descriptive english name could be:-

Low Noise Amplifier Block Down Converter. (LNB)

Low Noise Amplifier

Low Noise Amplifier:  used to amplify signals of say the satellite Ku band of between 12 - 18 Giga Hertz.

Low Noise Amplifier's are characterized by their noise figure, modern low noise amplifiers will have a noise figure of around 0.3dB

Block Down Converter

     Block Down Converter: in this case to convert in it's entirety (a block of satellite signals where a hundred plus TV channels may be contained) a block of frequencies in the range of between 4 to 2500 Mega Hertz. this process will then allow the satellite signals to travel in a coaxial transmission line with minimum loss with cost benefit.

Block Down Converter's  are characterized by their local oscillator frequency, modern universal LNBs have oscillator frequencies of 10.6 Giga Hertz and 11.75 Giga Hertz.

A Typical Modern LNB

A moden LNB could be named "Universal Ku Band Quad LNB" as used for a Sky Plus Satellite receiver, is characterized by:-

 Low Noise Amplifier  - amplifier with a typical noise figure of 0.3dB.
 Block Down Converter of Universal Application operating in the Ku Band. -  local oscillator frequencies of 10.6GHz and 11.75GHz.
 Quad, to represent the number 4; to express - an LNB with 4 individual switched outputs.

Note: it is impotent to select the correct LNB for the equipment and satellite reception needs.

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