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The pixel is the smallest picture element that can represent a single calculable element of light intensity and colour.
In general it can be said that the more pixels that make up a picture, the greater the overall picture definition.

Mega Pixel Examples.

Pixel Matrix 
(Horizontal x vertical)
Mega Pixel Name
Standard Definition (SD)
176 x 144
0.025 Mega Pixel
Standard Definition (SD)
352 x 288
0.1 Mega Pixel
Standard Definition (SD)
528 x 384
0.2 Mega Pixel
Standard Definition (SD)
704 x 288
0.2 Mega Pixel
Standard Definition (SD)
4CIF  & D1
704 x 576
0.4 Mega Pixel
Standard Definition (SD)
625 Line TV
768 x 576
0.4 Mega Pixel
High Definition (HD)
720p TV
1280 x 720
0.9 Mega Pixel
High Definition
1080i TV
1920 x 1080i
1 Mega Pixel
High Definition
1080p Full HD TV
1920 x 1080
2 Mega Pixel
High Definition
1920 x 1536
3 Mega Pixel
High Definition
2560 x 1944
5 Mega Pixel
Ultra High Definition (UHD)
3840 x 2160
8 Mega Pixel
Ultra High Definition
7680 x 4320
33 Mega Pixel


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