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RG6 Coaxial Cable

Item Code : RG6-BLK-100M

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JW Hardy
  Coaxial Cables, TV

JW Hardy - RG6 Coaxial Cable

Item Code: RG6

Brand: JW Hardy

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Budget Coax Cable, used for domestic TV, Satellite and Cable TV systems.

This cable is supplied in convenient lengths of:- 5, 10, 20, 30 or 45 Meters; when cut from the Reel, where Longer lengths of cable are required; we supply by the reel where generous discounts are given.

This cable, is supplied in cut lengths or by 100 Meter or 250 Meter reels.


  • 75 ohm
  • Low Loss
  • Double Screened
  • PVC Sheath
  • Sheath Colour Black or White


Mechanical Specification
Inner Conductor: 1.00mm diameter; Copper Clad Steel
Dielectric: 4.8mm diameter; Foamed Polyethylene Insulation
Screen 1: Aluminium Foil Tape
Screen 2: Aluminium Wire
Screen 2 Coverage: >38%
Sheath: 6.55mm diameter; PVC
Sheath colour: Black or White
Electrical Specification
DC Resistance
Inner Conductor:
<106 ohm per Kilo Meter at 20deg. C
DC Resistance
Screen Conductor:
< 79 ohm per Kilo Meter at 20deg. C
75 ohm
Capacitance: 53pF per Meter
Velocity Ratio: 0.80 (80%)
dB per 100Meter
at 20deg. C:
10MHz < 2.0
50MHz <5.9
100MHz <7.0
200 MHz <9.5
460MHz <16.0
860MHz < 21.0
Return Loss: 5-470MHz >22.5
470-862MHz >19.5
862-2150MHz >17.5