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CT100 Coaxial Cable

Item Code : CT100-BLK-100M

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Special Notice: Price £0.58p per meter, Generous Discounts for Quantity.

Special Notice: Price £0.58p per meter, Generous Discounts for Quantity.

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JW Hardy
  Coaxial Cables, TV

JW Hardy - CT100 Coaxial Cable

Item Code: CT100

Brand: JW Hardy

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JW Hardy      Coaxial TV Cables

CT100 Coax Cable

Product Code: CT100


Coax Cable, used for Commercial and domestic TV, Satellite and Cable TV systems.

This premium quality cable is used for the services of Sky TV, Freewiew, Freesat, Virgin Media, Cable TV, Satellite TV.

This cable is supplied in convenient lengths of:- 5, 10, 20, 30 or 45 Meters; when cut from the Reel, where Longer lengths of cable are required; we supply by the reel where generous discounts are given.

This cable is supplied loose or on Reels of 100 Meters or 250 Meters.


  • 75 ohm
  • Low Loss
  • Double Screened
  • PVC Sheath
  • Sheath Colour Black or White


Mechanical Specification
Inner Conductor: 1.00mm diameter; Copper
Dielectric: 4.8mm diameter; Foamed Polyethylene Insulation
Screen 1: Copper Tape
Screen 2: Copper Wire
Screen 2 Coverage: >60%
Sheath: 6.55mm diameter; PVC
Sheath colour: Black or White
Electrical Specification
DC Resistance
Inner Conductor:
< 26 ohm per Kilo Meter at 20deg. C
DC Resistance
Screen Conductor:
< 15 ohm per Kilo Meter at 20deg. C
75 ohm
Capacitance: 52pF per Meter
Velocity Ratio: 0.85 (85%)
dB per 100Meter
at 20deg. C:
10MHz < 1.6
50MHz <4.6
100MHz <6.5
200 MHz <9.5
460MHz <15.0
860MHz < 19.5
Return Loss: 5-470MHz >22.5
470-862MHz >19.5
862-2150MHz >17.5