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DC Socket 2.1mm to Screw Terminal

Item Code : DCs2st

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None™   Cable Connectors

None - DC Socket 2.1mm to Screw Terminal

Item Code: DCs2st

JW HardyConnectors

Connector Type: DC socket 2.1mm to Screw Terminal.

Product Code: DCs2st


This DC socket will connect to a DC plug where the center hole has a diameter of 1.2mm.

Hear at JW Hardy this item is manly sold and utilized in making power connections to power supplies for CCTV System.

This DC socket is of universal functionality and may be used in many different systems.


  • DC Socket
  • 2.1mm
  • Screw terminals Labelled +ve & -ve
  • Universal use
  • Dimensions 13 x 13.5 x 38mm