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Technomate - 4 Way Mast Head TV Amplifier

Item Code : TM-4 MAST

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Technomate™   Multi-Tapped Terrestrial Amplifiers

Technomate - Technomate - 4 Way Mast Head TV Amplifier

Item Code: TM-4 MAST

Brand: Technomate

Manufacturer: Technomate


The TM-4 MAST is designed to improve signal performance in weak UHF TV signal areas, boosting the signal at the aerial where it is at its strongest.

The variable gain control of 12-25dB allows further optimisation of the signal.

The power is received up the existing coaxial cable by the included power supply, therefore you will not need to run an extra cable to power the amplifier.

A built-in LTE filter is included to eliminate 4G LTE interference.


  • 4-Way Masthead Amplifier
  • Variable Gain: 12-25dB
  • Input Frequency Band: UHF
  • Input Channels: 21-69
  • Frequency Range: 470-862MHz
  • Noise Figure: <2.5dB
  • Max Output: 4x85dBμV
  • LTE Protected
  • Can Tilt by 45° for Easy Installation
  • Weatherproof Housing
  • Fully Screened Enclosure
  • All Ports DC Powered
  • Includes 12VDC Power Supply